Protection & life assurance

Protection takes many guises and fortunately premature death and serious illness are not as widespread as they once were, so the cost of insuring against these risks is not expensive, particularly if you are young and healthy.

The five main categories for protection needs are:-

Critical Illness
Keyperson Cover
Shareholder/Partnership Protection
Income Protection (sometimes known as Permanent Health Insurance)
Life Assurance

Denial is not a river in Egypt. We never think a critical illness is going to happen to us but it can and it does.

What if it happened to you? Imagine you were ill and off work for a long period of time- could you manage financially?

We can help bring peace of mind because if you were unfortunate to be diagnosed with a critical illness the very last thing you’ll want to do, is be worrying about money.

The objective of Key Person insurance is to compensate a business for the loss of profit on the death, critical illness or disability of a key employee. Every business has key people who are driving it forward. Many businesses recognise the need to insure their company property, equipment and financial assets; however they continually overlook the most valuable asset – the people who drive the business.

Share and Partnership protection provides an agreement between shareholding directors or partners in a business supported by life assurance to ensure that there are sufficient funds available to enable survivors to purchase the shares. It is designed to ensure that the control of the business is retained by the remaining partners or directors but the value of the deceased’s interest is passed onto their chosen beneficiaries in the most tax efficient manner possible.

The implications for a shareholding director or partner should one of the others die could be very serious, we can give you a health check to identify where, if any, issues need to be addressed.

Protecting your income or at least part of it should be taken very seriously given the limited government support available.

This cover provides you with a percentage of your lost income caused by illness, accident or disability. Without a regular income you may find you will struggle financially.

Income protection insurance aims to put you back to the position you were in before you were unable to work. It does not however, allow you to profit from your misfortune. So the maximum amount of income you can replace is broadly your after tax earnings less an adjustment for state benefits you may be able to claim.

With so many different protection options available, making the right decision to protect your personal and financial situation can seem overwhelming. There are a multitude of protection solutions available and we can ensure that you get the right protection at the right price that suits you. We also constantly see Trusts being underused in conjunction with protection planning which, when handled appropriately, could enable any benefit to be passed on potentially tax free.