Our processes

We aim to offer a genuinely impartial fee based advice process to clients who wish to be financially well organised.

Our approach is to offer a holistic financial planning service where we work with clients and review all of their circumstances and then assist them in achieving their objectives. Broadly speaking the financial planning process consists of four stages:-

Stage 1 – there is an initial meeting which is undertaken at our expense and without any obligation by either party. It will typically last between 45 minutes – an hour and is a good opportunity for us to ask you lots of questions about your goals and objectives and for you to ask us questions about Kingsley Wealth Solutions Ltd. We recognise clients are individuals and that you all have different priorities and it is important therefore that we define what issues are important to you.

Stage 2 – we will write to you after the meeting to confirm what was discussed and a letter of engagement will be issued that will identify the cost of our services and what we have agreed to provide for those costs. You will not incur any fees until you have signed and returned a copy of this letter. Typically after the meeting we would begin to gather and collate information about your existing arrangements for both your investment and pension plans and it may be that we will require additional information at this stage.

Dependent upon various factors, this stage may take some time but once all the information has been gathered and collated we would have a second meeting to discuss the plans that need to be put in place in order for you to achieve your objectives.

Stage 3 – we will take the responsibility for completing the paperwork required for the implementation of the agreed course of action. We will then oversee the administration process to ensure that it is completed satisfactorily.

Stage 4 – this is the Review stage, where we offer an ongoing review service to clients. This would depend, although not entirely, on the level of assets under management and other factors. The review meeting is an opportunity to monitor the progress of your financial objectives and reassess your attitude towards investment risk and the asset allocation of your investments. You can contact the company and the support team at any time during the year to discuss any questions that you may have about your circumstances.

We believe long term success depends upon managing down turns, risk and time frames.